Iranian researchers build WiFi-based smart home system

News ID : 2052 - Publish Date : 1/5/2016 9:37:00 AM
Iranian researchers have managed to build a system for home smartification which works via wireless Internet.
Iranian researchers build WiFi-based smart home system

Ali Moghaddas, a researcher at a knowledge-based company, reported on the production of a smart home system via WiFi adding “installation of the new system provides the possibility to get informed of the home’s conditions even when the property is standing empty.”

“With the advancements in technology, the emergence of new systems can be constantly observed one being smartifying of houses which is developing in line with technological progress,” noted the researcher adding “smart buildings are structured that can be controlled and managed automatically.”

“Getting hold of properties is greatly facilitated by home automation,” underlined Moghaddas maintaining “the newly-designed system can take the place of surveillance cameras because these cameras tend to bring chaos to the house.”

“In case of phone rings or door bells, the system would spontaneously warn homeowners via WiFi whenever the building is vacant,” he asserted.

“The new smart home system sends an alert to the landlord on the basis of a pre-defined code,” highlighted the researcher noting “the system can also be configured in such a way to transfer house events to a mobile phone.”

Moghaddas further asserted that all devises in smart homes are integrated and controlled by one central unit.

“The new system is capable of provoke warnings or alarms via the Internet upon occurrence of unexpected events in the building,” he concluded.